Falcon Rest Mansion and Gardens, McMinnville, TN.  Where history is fun.
  Guided tours offered seven days a week, 9 to 5 Central time year round
  Three interactive shows combine history-based entertainment with meals and mansion tours.

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  Victorian Gift Shop filled with unique 1800s treasures -- called "an attraction in itself"
  Charming Victorian Tea Room serving daily 9 to 5
  Falcon Manor B&B: Romantic bed & breakfast guest suites on grounds of Falcon Rest Mansion
  Storybook location for your Victorian Tennessee wedding: outdoor and indoor venues
  Delicious food in beautiful surroundings

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Porcelain lithophane nightlights

Porcelain nightlights called "lithophanes"
are just some of the unusual 1800's treasures in the Victorian Gift Shop.

The Victorian Gift Shop at Falcon Rest
You don't have to be here for a tour to enjoy
The Victorian Gift Shop.
It's open 7 days a week from 9 to 5 for walk-in shopping. While you're here, enjoy lunch in our Victorian Tea Room as well.

Falcon Rest's Victorian Gift Shop is the perfect shop for everyone who loves things elegant, old-fashioned or out-of-the-ordinary.
There are thousands of items here fit for an 1890s mansion that you won't find anywhere else! In fact, the shop recently won the Cumberland Business Journal's Ovation Award as the must unusual retail establishment in a 14-county area.

1800's gift shop treasures you won't find anywhere else
The 1,200 square foot showroom is located inside Falcon Rest's Visitor Center next door to the mansion.

The Victorian GentGems from the Gent

Our former regional tourism director visited Falcon Rest's Victorian Gift Shop shortly after we moved into its new 2,500 sq. ft. building in 1999.

Her reaction: "This shop is a tourist attraction in itself." In keeping with Falcon Rest's theme as "the Victorian mansion where history is fun," the unique array of 1800's merchandise invites visitors to play, laugh and interact. The guys tell us it's a gift shop even a man can love!

The current shop has come a long way from our first one, located in the mansion's 300-sq.-ft. smokehouse. The idea of a museum gift shop isn't all that unique, but we'd been so focused on getting the Falcon Rest mansion restored and opened to the public, it took a visitor's suggestion for us to think about adding a gift shop.

He said, "You know, when people like us tour a place, we're going to eat somewhere, and we're going to buy a memento of our trip somewhere. What you need to do is get ALL of our money."

Believe it or not, that concept appealed to this Victorian Gentleman! The Victorian Lady said she could almost see dollar signs rolling in my eyes, like I was a slot machine that had hit the jackpot. So in 1995, our Victorian Gift Shop was born. It didn't have much merchandise -- the Lady teased that it was more of a card shop than a gift shop.

But over the years it has grown into one of the best gift shops I've ever seen at a historic mansion. We tell people we have over 3,000 items that could have been in the mansion in the 1890s ... but nothing you'll find at Wal-Mart! There's everything from roller coaster music boxes to lithophane nightlights ... hundreds of books on the era to Victorian-style decor and clothing ... toys, games and candy to authentic replicas of Civil War swords and Old West six-shooters!

Music boxes of all descriptions
A Myriad of Music Boxes
Victorian porcelain dolls
Dolls Large, Small, Beautiful & Frightful
Civil War books and swords
All About the 1800s ... "our" era
Old-fashioned toys and games
Toys for "Children" of All Ages

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