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  Three interactive shows combine history-based entertainment with meals and mansion tours.

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  Victorian Gift Shop filled with unique 1800s treasures -- called "an attraction in itself"
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  Falcon Manor B&B: Romantic bed & breakfast guest suites on grounds of Falcon Rest Mansion
  Storybook location for your Victorian Tennessee wedding: outdoor and indoor venues
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FALCON REST GROUP TOURS. Don't have a group but want to attend? See our home page for shows you can join.


Murder at the Mansion is a hit with tour groups young and old.

When a just-for-fun murder takes place at Falcon Rest in McMinnville, Tenn., it’s the tour group members in the audience who are the real stars of the show.

The interactive “whodunit” assigns them real characters from 1897, then turns them loose to ad-lib to their hearts’ content. Needless to say, it never comes out exactly the same way twice. But it always lives up to Falcon Rest’s reputation as "the Victorian mansion where history is fun."

"Murder at the Mansion," takes place during a delicious meal served in Falcon Rest's Victorian Carriage House dining room.

The show is set at an elegant dinner party given in 1897 by “Gorilla Pants” manufacturer Clay Faulkner and his wife Mary, celebrating completion of their new mansion. The guest list includes the extended Faulkner family and a variety of McMinnville notables from 1897, along with nationally prominent individuals such as President William McKinley, Rev. Sam Jones, Susan B. Anthony, and Annie Oakley. To Mrs. Faulkner’s dismay, a town drunk and the local madam could show up as well.

Group member teases Buffalo Bill in her character as Nan the Town Madam.
All shows include a delicious three-course meal, the interactive history show, a "no-ropes or barriers" tour of Falcon Rest Mansion, and shopping in the Victorian Gift Shop. Allow about three hours for a leisurely visit.

Gems from the Gent

Time and again we've been touched as our guests said what a wonderful experience they'd had at one of our group tour shows. For example, I recall the shy 80-year-old cancer survivor who told his wife, "If something happens to me tonight, please call all my friends on the bus trip and tell them I had more fun than I have ever had in one day at Falcon Rest."

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Falcon Rest actors play Mr. and Mrs. Faulkner and their faithful cook Mag. When audience members arrive, they’re given signs identifying their characters with historical details on the back. There are no lines to remember or pressure to participate, so they’re free to interact in character with the Falcon Rest players as much or as little as they like.

Mr. Faulkner carries on an impromptu conversation with his guests during the banquet, and they can be counted on to come up with some pretty hilarious dialogue.

A performance can be scheduled any time at your convenience for a group or 20 or more. (We'll "murder" at breakfast, lunch or dinner, seven days a week.) Call 931-668-4444 or e-mail for information or to make reservations.


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  • Daytime Show, Meal and Tour:
    $32 per person
  • Evening Show, Meal and Tour:
    $34 per person
  • Add an area step-on tour for even more fun: $2 per person

Sales tax additional 9.75%

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Murder at the Mansion Menu

Herb chicken breast, strawberry-pretzel salad, roasted potatoes, Southern beans, double chocolate cake, rolls and beverages

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