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Falcon Rest "New" Name for Historic Falcon Manor


Historic Falcon Manor in McMinnville, Tenn., is celebrating the 110th anniversary of the mansion's construction by changing its name.

Falcon Rest -- the "new" name -- is actually the original one. It's the title "Gorilla Pants" manufacturer Clay Faulkner chose for his family's 10,000 square-foot, solid-brick dream home when he built it in 1896. Clay's mansion, which has been called "Tennessee's Biltmore" by PBS, was equipped with all the "modern conveniences:" electric lights, central heat and air, indoor plumbing and even a telephone.

Returning the mansion to its historic name celebrates what has been its actual function for many years ... a historic tourist attraction.

Over the last dozen years, Historic Falcon Manor has developed a reputation among tour groups and individual visitors as "the Victorian mansion where history is fun."

"We're changing the name but the fun is the same," said General Manager Charlien McGlothin. "Those who have come to love the mansion and the experience it offers can be assured that it will only get better."

When McGlothin and her husband George (better known to motorcoach tour groups from around the country as his lovable alter-ego, "The Victorian Gentleman") restored the mansion and opened it to the public, they didn't know its original name.

"We chose 'Falcon Manor' on the advice of my old high-school Latin teacher who lived down the road in Clay's childhood home, 'Falconhurst,'" recalled the "Gent." "The widow of famed Tennessee composer Charles Faulkner Bryan, she was considered the local Faulkner family expert. Mrs. Bryan told me they often used 'falcon' in the names of their homes because 'Faulkner' is derived from 'falconer.' It wasn't until one of Clay Faulkner's granddaughters visited shortly after we opened that we learned he'd originally called his mansion 'Falcon Rest.'"

Memories shared by subsequent visitors and years of research now combine to bring the colorful Faulkner family to life during guided mansion tours offered daily year round.

A unique approach to heritage tourism for tour groups, from students to seniors, has also evolved over the years. "It didn't take long to figure out that people travel for two main reasons: to have fun and to eat good food," said Charlien. "Therefore, the history lessons at Falcon Rest are dispensed with generous helpings of laughter along with delicious meals."


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