Falcon Rest Mansion and Gardens, McMinnville, TN.  Where historoy is fun.
  Guided tours offered seven days a week, 9 to 5 Central time year round
  Three interactive shows combine history-based entertainment with meals and mansion tours.

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  Victorian Gift Shop filled with unique 1800s treasures -- called "an attraction in itself"
  Charming Victorian Tea Room serving daily 9 to 5
  Falcon Manor B&B: Romantic bed & breakfast guest suites on grounds of Falcon Rest Mansion
  Storybook location for your Victorian Tennessee wedding: outdoor and indoor venues
  Delicious food in beautiful surroundings

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All buildings except the mansion are handicap accessible. There are three steps to the first floor of the mansion, and 24 very easy ones to the second floor.

The buildings are close enough together to make it easy to walk from one to another.

See our
for details.


Group Tours: the four faces of fun at Falcon Rest Mansion

They come as tourists and leave as friends.
They come as tourists and leave as friends!

Don't have a group but still want to attend? There is a list of upcoming shows individuals can join on our home page.


Gems from the Gent
The Victorian Gentleman
How Falcon Rest Became the Victorian Mansion Where History Is Fun


The restoration of Falcon Rest began in 1989. When the mansion opened to the public after 4-1/2 years of hard work, over 1,000 local people toured during the first two days.

But it was the state's electric co-op magazine that started the love affair between Falcon Rest and tour groups. Tennessee Magazine has over 400,000 readers, and when the Victorian Lady and I appeared on its cover a few months after the mansion opened, the church and senior groups started calling.

They had two reactions: "This is one of our favorite mansions we ever toured" and "Where do we go eat?" It didn't take long to figure out the correct answer was, "Right here!"

It came in handy that the Victorian Lady grew up in South Louisiana and has an inbred talent for great food, and that I've been accused of being a born storyteller. An area news magazine called me "a walking encyclopedia in a tuxedo." Group Tour Magazine said, "Tales roll off his tongue as easily as butter off a hot knife."

more ...

A note to motorcoach and tour operators:

Dealing with the folks in charge

We identify with motorcoach and tour operators, because -- like us -- many of you are running your own business.

It's unusual to see a historic attraction in private hands, especially where the owners actually run it. But it's a real plus for you as a buyer.

You don't have to wonder who'll answer the phone next time you call, or if the service will be up to par. The person you talk to at the trade show (usually the gent) is the one who'll be entertaining your folks. The person who takes the reservation and helps you plan your trip (the Lady) is the one who'll see to it that your food is outstanding and your customers feel like kings and queens.

As a couple and as a company, we have a lifetime investment in seeing to it that your stop at Falcon Rest is one of the highlights of your trip.

George and Charlien McGlothin
(aka The Victorian Gentleman and Lady)
A Victorian mansion called "Tennessee's Biltmore" by PBS ...
humorous tales from the past ... food like Grandma used to make ...
an 1890s department store ... and a friendly ghost.
They all add up to a special entertainment and meal stop
your folks will never forget!

Choose from three interactive history based shows which make stars of the people in the audience. They all include rib-ticking entertainment, delicious food, a historic mansion tour, and shopping for 1800s treasures in the Victorian Gift Shop.

A group trip to Falcon Rest is FOUR STOPS IN ONE ...

The way we hear it, some of the things group members like most are:
Heritage Tourism | Interactive Entertainment
Outstanding Food | Uncommon Shopping

You can find every one of them right here at Falcon Rest.

Add a step-on guided tour of the area for even more fun.

Kids Love Falcon Rest, Too

School Field Trip





We're on your way to anywhere in Middle Tennessee.

Easy access from I-24 & I-40.


Nashville: 1 1/2 hrs.
Chattanooga: 1 1/2 hrs.
Knoxville: 2 hrs.
Pigeon Forge: 3 hrs.
Atlanta: 3 1/2 hrs.
Birmingham: 4 hrs.
Jack Daniel’s: 50 min.
Cumberland County
  Playhouse: 50 min.


When your folks can do -- not just one or two -- but FOUR of the things they most enjoy at one place ... planning a visit here is more than worthwhile.
It could turn out to be the stop or day trip they talk about for years to come.

Motorcoach group renews wedding vows at Falcon Rest.
Couples in a South Carolina motorcoach group renew their marriage vows
around the fountain in Falcon Rest's courtyard before a performance of
"The Honeymoon Ball of Gen. John Hunt Morgan."

Trying to visualize how an interactive history-based show really works?

Laugh along with the tour groups
as you view video excerpts from
our three interactive shows:
"Murder at the Mansion"
"Ghost at the Mansion"
"The Honeymoon Ball of
Gen. John Hunt Morgan"

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Tour Operators, please e-mail us if you'd like to receive a DVD to play on your motorcoaches.

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